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About the Author

As an experienced reflexologist, I've seen all kinds of feet — from incredible to regrettable. I've treated all sizes, shapes, and textures, and I never cease to be amazed at unique variations — the largest belonged to a former NFL football player who could have partnered with Bigfoot!


Through hundreds of hours of working on clients' feet, I witness dire needs of do-able remedies for various foot maladies — from bunions to nail fungus to nail injuries.


My clients' follow-up questions and pleas for natural remedies set me on an exploratory course. I listened to woeful complaints about painful heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, footwear problems, circulation difficulty, skin maladies, etc. Enjoy 3 weeks of victory strategy FREE.


Knowing that a podiatrist referral would be quite expensive, I began experimental therapies that could be self-applied. I'm gratified to say we've had some remarkable results!


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What People Are Saying

Ron & Sylvia R, CO

"My husband and I have had great success with the Toerific Solution recipe for our toe fungus. We now have great toes for summer sandals. Thanks too, for Fabulous Funny Feats!"

Glenda R, UT

"Great information! I want to make this available to all my subscribers."

Ricky B, CA

"Great, practical, and extremely useful info in 10 Tips! Will help my feet operate well at minimal cost for a lifetime."

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